About me

Dr. med. Carolin Schäfer

I decided to study medicine at an early age. To this day, being a doctor gives me satisfaction and fulfillment. My goal is not just to help you in the short term, but to support you in promoting your long-term health and increasing your well-being.


  • Studied human medicine and passed the state examination in Marburg

  • Doctorate (Dr. med.)

  • Assistant doctor at Hochtaunus-Kliniken Bad Homburg/ Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst & St. Josefs Hospital in Wiesbaden

  • Emergency physician

  • Recognized as a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery

  • Senior physician at the Frankfurt Red Cross Clinics (Department of Shoulder Surgery) & Head of the Elbow Surgery Section

  • Completion of the A-diploma for acupuncture

  • Membership of the DVSE (German Association for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery)

  • Childhood and school years in Wiesbaden, now married and living in Frankfurt with two children


Dr. med. Carolin Schäfer – Fachärztin für Orthopädie

Privatpraxis in den Räumlichkeiten der PRO REHA Therapiezentrum GmbH
Scheffelstraße 14, 60318 Frankfurt

info@dr-carolin-schaefer.de |  069 94 31 91 21

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